Welcome to “Natura 2000 and tourism” web portal!

Natura 2000 a turystyka > Welcome to “Natura 2000 and tourism” web portal!

We encourage you to get acquainted with detailed information concerning the European network of protected sites Natura 2000 located in Poland and the development of environmentally friendly tourism.

Here you can find out for example:

  • what sites can be included in Natura 2000 network;
  • how to develop economy in Nature 2000 sites;
  • your possible role in the creation of Natura 2000 network and actions undertaken by others,
  • what individual Natura 2000 sites have to offer to tourists.

All the information is available through e-learning courses, information modules, current information about Natura 2000 and announcements concerning the competitions.

The web portal is run by the Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD).